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Big beneficiaries of the Ofcom’s proposed infringement measures? UK postal services and overseas call centres

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Will the UK music industry pay more to send out infringement letters than it makes per UK music buyer? Who will be the biggest beneficiaries of the dollars spent? These are some questions worth asking. Short version: My back of the napkin calculations? (Meaning: feel free to check my work, as this was done on a napkin). At the end of the day, ignoring the fixed (aka sunk) costs, Ofcom estimates an effective variable cost per Copyright Infringement Report (CIR) of £0.80. Roughly 25.9% of that effective cost would go…read more


Innovation at the edge: An investigation of music licensing efforts and the process of opportunity development

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I have been finishing up a rather lengthy working paper, “Innovation at the edge: Making sense of opportunity at the boundary of technology and copyright.” I reckoned the raw findings from the work were better suited for a summary brief, however, in the form of a two-pager PDF and the post below. The academic working paper is, well, rather academic — making it not the easiest sort of thing for everyone (including myself) to digest. Essentially, in an effort to understand the process of opportunity development — the academic interest —…read more