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Obviating the obvious: You can now share but not really share music via Google+ and YouTube

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You can now *not share* music by choosing to “share” via Google+ the music video version of the music audio tracks you have in your Google Music locker.  If that last sentence was a bit confusing, you just don’t understand the intricacies of copyright and the nuances of product functionality. That’s right, it is now easier , or at least more bds within Google+, to link to the music video of a track in your music library than to link to the lowly audio track itself. Unlike Facebook, who has…read more


Offering the obvious: Google adds downloads to Google Music (locker)

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Google tends to refer to a wide variety of music-related products as “Google Music.” When the bits hit the hard drive, however, you buy tracks from the Android Market, upload tracks to Google Music (locker), watch music videos on YouTube, and… you get the picture. And so, even though Google Music is one of the few products launched by the Mountain View behemoth that shifted out of beta within moments, this whole music thing on Google is clearly a work-in-progress. Recently, Google announced two changes to its products that directly…read more