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Making heads and tails of Tunecore artist sales

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Using Tunecore’s recently released sales data, I tried to estimate the distribution of sales for this collection. And, first off, many thanks to Jeff and Tunecore for releasing these data for the rest of us to investigate. It appears life in the long tail of music sales may be rather rough. DMN has one angle (minimum wage), while I took a sales distribution approach. Of the top 6000-ish (5938) artists about which Tunecore just released sales data, the sales distribution follows an 80/20 rule relatively closely. Collectively, the top 22%…read more


Is a stream on Spotify (or any music service) really worth less than an iTunes sale?

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On numerous occasions over the past few months we have heard news of labels and artists disappointed with the monies they are receiving from Spotify. Since Spotify is really just one of the music services alive and kicking on the planet these days (alongside Rhapsody, MOG, Rdio, Deezer, and others), its worth investigating this matter of the value of payments from streaming services versus those received from record sales.  So let’s get a napkin out and flip to the backside for some mathy stuff. Assertion: When you purchase a download you are paying…read more