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Life in the cloud (computing) is not a radical shift, its more like a gentle transition.

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I was recently asked by  M Roberston: Don’t you think the PC to cloud transition is the type of radical change we witness rarely? Honestly, I waffle on this one (go figure).  The cloudy movement seems like something both seemingly radical yet actually inevitable in that some dimensions of the transition are new, and other dimensions quite honestly are very deja vu (in that they already happened). Here is how I think about it:  When everything but the screen and keyboard is located elsewhere, that is what I consider complete…read more


The dangers of SO + IF + EEE = BPB (Best Practice Bingo). Example, CWF+RTB=$$$

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Just about everyone wants to succeed at what they do.  As a result of this basic desire, a basic human instinct often kicks in to help out—mimicry.  In business speak, this mimicry operates under the term Best Practice.  In marketing this instinct is triggered through classic marketing campaigns such as “Be Like Mike.”  How might we succeed?  The answer: Do what winners do, or Be what winners are. Unfortunately, the methods for and outcomes of mimicry often get conflated.  The result of this conflation is something we might call Best…read more