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Must read book on whatever the heck entrepreneurship is

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One of the most frustrating challenges when working, researching or teaching around the subject of entrepreneurship is the “what” of entrepreneurship.  What the hell is it?  More important, how do those assumptions people hold about this thing that is entrepreneurship stack up to reality? Scott Shane, at Case Western Reserve’s Weatherhead School of Management, has written a book, The Illusions of Entrepreneurship, that is (imho) an absolute must read.


Scoble, Zuckerberg and Musharraf?

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I have this feeling that Davos is like Vegas.  And now Scoble posts a story about a conversation he has walking to a breakfast with Zuckerberg, both heading to meet Musharref.  There is something both interesting and alarming about this combination of people at a breakfast table.  Is Musharraf going to start a Facebook group?