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When headlines are horseshit

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TechCrunch posted a surprisingly controversial story on Flickr’s choices regarding an API so open that competitors might make use of an import/export feature to lure customers. The story itself is a bit mundane – the question of open data existed before Web 2.0. In fact, Its probably time someone squash the idea that Web2.0 inspired the open data revolution. Openness has been a rather important theme in machine space for a rather long time. What is interesting is the flow of comments on the piece, including a little tete a…read more


Is (insert social website name here) a place? If not, what is it?

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It would appear that Kazys and Danah have begun a little Sociology of public space debate over whether MySpace is a “place.” These two bright lights are pulling punches a little bit, while at the same time engaging in the academic art form of argument by citation. Particularly with the name Habermas being thrown around. This little debate brings out one of the unfortunate dimensions of the scholarly enterprise – debating insignificant points. First, to be clear, MySpace is a message board. While the press and digerati like to hype…read more